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Mohamad Elaasar

Graphic Designer



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Hello, my name is Mohamad Elaasar, and I am a graphic designer, illustrator and animator currently based in London. I create colourful and bold designs through various skillsets within graphic design. I am especially skilled at studying the brands I work with carefully to fully understand their goals and desired outcome. I know very well that a strong brand instantly sparks a feeling, and capturing those feelings makes the brand last forever. My goal is to create bright and evocative designs that push the envelope of artistry with a sense of lightness.

Will talk for hours about...

Superheroes | Sci-Fi | Anime | Movies | The Office

Employment History


Head of Branding.


A complete rebrand for the 25th Anniversary of FEMYSO. Representing FEMYSO's evolution by transforming the brand's 25 years old legacy logo by creating a brand that embodies what it is to be a European Muslim. Everything from their logo to their social media presence, putting together brand guidelines and style guide documentation for the eventual handover, streamlining the deployment of social media content so that the team could hit their potential.

2021 - Present

Middle East Eye.

Junior Graphic Designer.

Creating eye-catching graphics and illustrations that help push stories further, reaching millions of people worldwide. Working in journalism has pushed me to work on a much tighter deadline with the capability to turn out work quickly. I’ve had the pleasure to collaborate with journalists to help decide the angle of the graphic. Work includes everything from maps, graphs, infographics, animations, and illustrations to push stories further.

2019 - Present


Mindful Education.

Junior Graphic Designer.


I worked closely with the video team to create various icons and graphics for educational videos made for schools and colleges all over the UK. I also produced attractive and practical designs such as work booklets and leaflets individually made for each school or college with their branding in mind.


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MA. University of the Arts London (CSM)

MA Character Animation.

Graduated 2020

BA Hons. Middlesex University.

BA Graphic Design.

Graduated 2018

Qatar University - 2022 World Cup Research Project.

Directed and storyboarded four animated films between 40-50 seconds in collaboration with Qatar University showcasing the Qatari identity presentation to the Qatar 2022 World Cup audience. The films tell different stories of being a good Muslim, such as making others smile, helping wildlife and showing respect to the elderly. Each is correlating with a verse from the Holy Quran.

August 2021 - December 2021

Layla Banaras Birmingham City FC Ramadan Meal Planner.


Designed a Ramadan Nutrition Guide and Planner in partnership with the PFA for Blues Academy’s youngster Layla Banaras that gives examples of the food and drink athletes should be consuming. As well as a planner to help young athletes monitor and record what they have eaten, how they felt and note any changes that they would make each day during the month of Ramadan.

April 2021

The PFA’s Muslim Player and Ramadan Awareness Guide.

Designed a Ramadan Awareness Guide for The PFA (Professional Footballers' Association). Offering an understanding of various considerations that can improve Muslim players' working conditions during Ramadan and throughout the year. That includes information on how fasting and other lifestyle changes during this period may impact Muslim players across many Premier League clubs. With advice on exercise and nutrition for practising Muslims and guidance for non-Muslim players and staff to ensure their footballing environment is as inclusive and welcoming as possible.

March 2021


If you would like a reference, please don’t hesitate to ask.

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