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Mohamad Elaasar

Graphic Designer



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Hi, I'm Mohamad Elaasar, a London-based graphic designer, illustrator, and animator.

My approach to each project is to start with a clean slate, offering a new perspective and dedicating my utmost energy to ensure the final product is of the highest quality.

Will talk for hours about...

Superheroes / Anime / Harry Potter / Doctor Who / The Office (US)

Employment History

Middle East Eye / Graphic Designer / July 2019 - Present


Producing visually compelling graphics, illustrations, and infographics that can draw the attention of readers or viewers to the story. This involves collaborating with the reporters and writers of the article to determine the most effective approach for the graphic, which can help enhance the story's impact on audiences in Europe, the US, and the MENA region.

FEMYSO / Lead Designer / Volunteer / December 2021 - Present.

Developing, designing, and maintaining the visual elements of the organisation. This includes overseeing the entire design process, from initial research and ideation to creative conceptualisation and implementation. Additionally, the job requires creating a digital presence by designing promotional images for events, social media posts, and printed materials.


Mo the Designer / Freelance / January 2020 - Present


Instrumental in branding, editorials, illustrations, animations, packaging, visual merchandising, and editing photos/videos while ensuring brand guidelines compliance and understanding creative briefs, incorporating customer feedback, and ensuring timely delivery of quality milestones. Notable clients from past work include the Royal Air Force Museum, Birmingham City Football Club, Muslim Association of Britain, Professional Footballers' Association, Qatar University, Southbank University Student Union and Scouts.

Mindful Education / Junior Designer / June 2018 - December 2018


Collaborated closely with the video team to develop a range of icons and graphic elements that were incorporated into educational videos for schools and colleges throughout the UK. Additionally, the role required designing visually appealing and practical work booklets and leaflets tailored to each school or college's unique brand identity.



MA. University of the Arts London (CSM)

MA Character Animation.

Graduated 2020

BA Hons. Middlesex University.

BA Graphic Design.

Graduated 2018

Qatar University / 2022 World Cup Research Project / Aug 2021 - Dec 2021

I collaborated with Qatar University to create and storyboard four animated films, each lasting between 40-50 seconds, that showcase the Qatari identity and promote the values of being a good Muslim to the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 audience. The films tell different stories highlighting essential matters, such as making others smile, helping wildlife, and demonstrating sportsmanship, with each level complemented by a narration by the Prophet Muhammad PBUH.

Layla Banaras Birmingham City FC Ramadan Meal Planner / April 2021


In collaboration with the PFA, I created a Ramadan Nutrition Guide and Planner for Layla Banaras, a young athlete from Blues Academy. The guide provides examples of the recommended food and drinks for athletes during Ramadan, and the planner helps them track their daily food intake, note any changes they would make, and record how they feel throughout the month.

The PFA’s Muslim Player and Ramadan Awareness Guide / March 2021

I was responsible for designing The PFA's Ramadan Awareness Guide, which aimed to educate football players and staff on the impact of fasting and lifestyle changes during Ramadan. The guide advised Muslim players on exercise and nutrition and recommended steps for creating a more inclusive and welcoming footballing environment. It also highlighted various considerations that can improve the working conditions of Muslim players during Ramadan and throughout the year.


If you would like a reference, please don’t hesitate to ask.

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