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SuperExco Illustrations

FEMYSO Executive Team Superhero Comic

This year marks the 27th Annual General Assembly (GA) of FEMYSO, offering Member Organisations (MOs) a unique opportunity to ensure transparency and accountability within FEMYSO and its dedicated volunteers. The central theme for this year's assembly revolves around the concept of heroism, emphasising that everyone possesses unique gifts and abilities, which should be harnessed to benefit our community.
With each new mandate, a fresh cohort of individuals assumes positions within the executive committee, much like the evolution of superheroes in comic books. In comics, we often witness new characters adopting familiar names and roles, leading to the emergence of dynamic rosters of heroes. Inspired by this, the current Executive Committee (EXCO) embraced a creative twist by donning superhero attire, symbolising their readiness to stand up and assist the European Muslim community in their time of need.





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