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Unit 28
Scouts Badge

As a volunteer, I created a badge for Unit 28, a UK Scout group attending the World Jamboree in South Korea alongside 40,000 Scouts worldwide. The Explorers Scouts in London and West London had been working on the concept for months, intending to create a character that embodies their roots.
My solution was to blend various London icons into a character that captures the group's identity. The final design features a London-inspired character, showcasing the unity of the Explorer Scouts and their unique hometown heritage.


Badge Design



Unit 28 UK Scouts


badge 1.jpg

The character has a body of the London Underground logo, an easy way to showcase London as it's one of the best ways to get around London. The Crocs demanded by our young people represent the current style and fashion choices of the Explorers Scouts. The Smart little pigeon fits well because London alone contains more than a million pigeons. The leaves represent the sustainability push for this coming Jamboree. Lastly, purple ties in nicely with this year's jamboree because it's "a cool fun colour".

badge 2.jpg
badge 3.jpg

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